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Real Estate Home Loans for Investement –

05/2011 – Investors who have taken out real estate loans on the advice of their brokers in order to invest in private placements, limited partnerships and other investments should contact Carlson Law to determine if they may have a valid claim.

Variable Annuity Exchanges – Suitable or Fee Driven?

05/2011 – Variable annuities are a poor choice for most older investors. By law in California, brokers are required to show good reason for recommending that investors 65 or older exchange or replace their variable annuities.  Read more about variable annnuties at the
Securities Fraud Lawyer Blog.

AG Edwards to Pay $775,000 to Settle Annuity Sale Charges

05/2011 – The investment firm AG Edwards & Son AKA Wells Fargo Advisors, recently agreed to compensate elderly investors. According to claims by Missouri’s Securities Division, the firm allegedly failed to maintain proper documentation of the sale of their elderly clients’
variable annuities.

Wells Fargo/Wachovia Broker Fraud Payouts for Investors

05/2011 – Wells Fargo/Wachovia has agreed to pay investors 11.2 million in compensation for overcharging them by 70 percent on
mortgage-backed securities called CDOs. The SEC is also investigating other Wall Street investment firms for similar CDO investment

Contact Carlson Law Today If You purchased Desert Capital REITs

05/2011 – Did you buy Desert Capital REIT on your broker’s recommendation, thinking it was a safe investment? If so, you may be the
victim of broker fraud. Contact Carlson Law today. We may be able to help you recoup your investment loss.

Ameriprise – Securities America is for Sale

05/2011 – In April 2011, Ameriprise announced its plan to sell Securities America. The embattled company, which experienced a $115M
first quarter loss in 2011, is in the process of settling a securities lawsuit filed against it for selling fraudulent Medical Capital and Provident
Royalties securities.

Republicans look to Rollback Investor Protection

05/2011 – House Republicans have begun legislation that would rollback pieces of the financial reform law known as Dodd-Frank.
According to an Investment News article by Mark Schoeff (“Sen. Durbin Says Dodd-Frank Rollback Would Kneecap Regulators”), Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin intends to defeat or delay the legislation. Learn more at

“Senior Specialist” or Con Artist?

05/2011 – In order to protect themselves from investment fraud and financial loss, senior citizens should be on their guard against
investment advisors who call themselves “senior specialists.” Elder abuse can be financial.  Protect yourself from financial loss.  Be aware
of scams and in your city. You may check a broker’s disciplinary and complaint record at If you are a senior and feel you have been a victim of account liquidation to
create fees or other senior abuse, contact the Carlson Law Firm for a free consultation.

FINRA To Morgan Keegan – Pay Up

05/2011 – A FINRA panel found the investment banking firm of Morgan Keegan liable on a number of claims related to the financial loss of
its clients. In their cases, clients accused Morgan Keegan of breach of fiduciary duty and negligent misrepresentation, among other things. 
Morgan Keegan was ordered to pay investors $881,000 in compensation for financial loss.

Assets of 20/20 Trading Co. Inc. & 20/20 Precious Metals Inc. Frozen

05/2011 – The U.S. District Court of California (Central District) has frozen the companies’ records and assets.  According to the CFTC,
20/20 Trading Co., Inc. and 20/20 Precious Metals, Inc. defrauded customers of nearly $4M, primarily through commodity options fraud. If
you believe that you were a victim of investment fraud as a client of either of these companies, contact Carlson Law if you feel you may have
a claim.  Learn more at

Inverse and Leveraged ETF Trading Can Spell Big Financial Loss

04/2011 – FINRA clearly acknowledges the inappropriateness of leveraged and inverse ETFs for most retail investors. If you’ve incurred
financial loss because of your broker’s trading in high-risk ETFs, contact Carlson Law. You may have a potential claim.
Regulatory Notice (09-31)

Goldman Sachs ordered to pay over $20 million in damages

03/2011 – The United States District Court in Manhattan has upheld on appeal a FINRA Arbitration Panels order that Goldman Sachs pay
over $20 million in damages for its role as a clearing house for a failed hedge fund. The decision could have positive ramifications for
investors. The financial sector has long held that they are merely clearing trades in such cases and owe no duty to police clients. If upheld
on further appeal, this FINRA award may raise the standard of care required for doing clearing business and further reduce the incidence
of stock fraud and investment loss.

Judge Rakoff said in his opinion on the appeal by Goldman of the FINRA award that Goldman must live with the award of the arbitration
panel, and pay the $20 million in damages. Judge Rakoff’s opinion took shots at both Wall Street and the FINRA arbitration process
making it clear that arbitrators are not required to follow any rule of reason, supply reasons for decisions, and that those decisions are
nearly unappealable. The Judge implied the FINRA system works to Wall Streets’ advantage generally, and that Goldman cannot escape
the consequences of the FINRA system generally touted by the financial industry as being a fair and reasonable alternative to securities

Carlson Law Firm is investigating the practices and supervision by major brokerage firms regarding their sales of leveraged and inverse
exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”).

These products are highly complex and typically designed to achieve their financial objectives on a daily basis.