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Experienced Securities Law Attorney in California

The Carlson Law Firm, APC is a preeminent boutique civil litigation law firm that specializes in the representation of individuals in the area
of securities arbitration and litigation in State Federal Courts. Our experienced team has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients
through litigation, arbitration and mediation. Based in San Diego, we focus our practice on providing personal service and skillful
representation to individual investors and financial groups in disputes with stockbrokers, brokerage firms and investment advisers.

The Carlson Law Firm, APC was formed in 2001 by Mr. Carlson with the intent to specialize in securities law claims. Prior to that Mr.
Carlson was a law clerk to a Federal Bankruptcy Judge and then worked at the San Diego Law Firm of Ault, Deuprey, Jones and Gorman
specializing in business litigation. The Carlson firm primarily represents plaintiffs in claims against their financial advisors, brokers and

The team at the Carlson Law Firm emphasizes direct personal attention with its clients. Mr. Carlson handles your case directly and your
claim will not be handed over to an inexperienced associate. We understand that the ongoing success of our firm depends upon the
personal attention we provide our clients.

To learn more about the founder of Carlson Law, please follow the link below:

If you believe you have suffered financial losses through negligence or willful misconduct, contact us online or call (619) 544-9300.

We provide free consultation, new client meetings are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm, and weekends upon
request. We offer both hourly billing and contingent fee arrangements to our clients, depending upon what is appropriate. Where legally
available, the Carlson Law Firm seeks punitive damages for clients.