Fraud and Intentional Misrepresentation

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San Diego Financial Advisor Fraud Lawyer

California Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorney

At Carlson Law Firm, APC, we help individual investors recover investment losses caused by the improper conduct of stockbrokers,
investment advisors and banks. We have been successfully handling investment securities disputes for more than a decade. If you believe
your broker or brokerage has caused you economic harm through wrongdoing, you need to speak to an experienced San Diego financial advisor fraud attorney as soon as possible.

Anyone can be the victim of misrepresentation and fraud. Identifying when broker misconduct has led to economic harm is not a simple
matter. It takes an experienced lawyer with a professional eye for securities law violations to make that determination. At Carlson Law Firm,
we offer a free initial consultation to help you identify if you have a claim against your brokerage firm.

Intentional and Negligent Misrepresentation and Investment Advisor Fraud

Your broker is required to disclose all pertinent facts regarding an investment before recommending it or soliciting its sale or purchase.
The information that should be disclosed includes:

  • Fees and expenses associated with the product, including commissions
  • Potential risk of loss of the principal investment
  • The existence of comparable investment opportunities
  • Any other relevant disclosure that could affect your decision to invest
  • If the broker fails to disclose this information, he or she is guilty of negligent misrepresentation of the investment. In addition to misrepresentation, investment losses can often be traced to other improper practices, including:
  • Overconcentration and lack of diversification – failure to recommend suitably diversified investments, leading to unacceptable risk
  • Churning – excessive trading or unwarranted turnovers for the purpose of generating broker commissions
  • Account omissions or errors – these can be intentional or merely negligent, on the part of your broker.
  • Unsuitable investment options – choosing inappropriate investments for a particular client based upon his or her stated investment
    goals and risk tolerance

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