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Investment Loss Attorney

Stockbrokers, financial advisers, brokerages and banks can cause significant economic loss through negligent or willful misconduct. At Carlson Law Firm, APC, we are committed to representing individual investors, as well as financial groups, in disputes with the brokerage industry. For more than 15 years, Mr. Carlson has successfully helped clients hold their brokers, brokerages and financial advisors accountable in securities disputes. To discuss your situation in a free initial consultation with a skilled investment loss lawyer, call (619) 544-9300 or e-mail our offices in San Diego.

Stock Broker Fraud Attorney

The investing public is encouraged to believe that the unpredictability of "the market" is the cause of their losses. In many cases, mishandling of the account by the broker, whether through inattention or investment fraud, is the actual cause. The brokerage industry does an excellent job of covering up its shortcomings at the expense of the investor. Our experienced stock broker fraud attorney at the Carlson Law Firm is dedicated to educating the investing public about their rights and about the improper practices of the securities industry.

Resolving Securities Disputes

Most disputes involving securities are resolved through arbitration, specifically Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration. The process is highly formalized and resembles a specialized courtroom proceeding. Arbitration before a panel appointed by FINRA can last days or weeks. It is vital to be thoroughly prepared and make a strong presentation to prevail. Brokerage firms and other investment professionals employ experienced litigators to represent them and so should you.

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